Windows Shortcuts Are Your Friend

With the advent of the mouse and the GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) many years ago, the vast majority of people may relegate the humble keyboard for menial tasks such as word processing, playing games, entering URLs as well as login credentials.

What people may not realise is that there is a whole myriad of shortcuts that might come in handy and even speed things up for you.

Some of the big  hitters are:

  • Ctrl + Esc
    • Start/Windows button.
  • Windows + E
    • Windows Explorer.
  • Windows + R
    • Run (equivalent of Start -> Run).
  • Windows + Tab
    • Windows Flip 3D (a fancy version of Alt + Tab).
    • Works only on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Windows + L
    • Lock the computer.
  • Windows + Left Arrow / Right Arrow
    • Snaps a window to the left or right helf of the screen.
    • Windows 7 only.
  • Windows + Up Arrow
    • Maximise a window.
  • Windows + Down Arrow
    • Minimise a window.
  • Windows + Pause
    • System Properties (this is really handy for those on telephone-based helpdesks).
  • Windows + number
    • Launches the program in the corresponding position of your quick launch bar / taskbar.

These are just a few of the ones that I use on a daily basis but there are stacks more that could save you time and fiddling around. If you are keen to look over the whole list of shortcuts, check out this page at the Microsoft site.

Some of them can get a bit complicated but I am sure there will be at least a handful that might simplify repetitive actions with Windows.

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