Jun 20 2013

EOFY Tip – Use Price Matching to Your Benefit

The inbox bombardment continues with sale offers and while there might be a few bargains to get you to click through to the website you should never assume one place will always have the best price. Of course, it might not always be most convenient to visit the store with the best (or one of the best) prices so you may want to look at using price matching.

Some stores openly advertise a price match policy or something similar such as the Officeworks “lowest price guarantee” which will knock another five percent off the sticker price of a competing outlet. Mind you, there will probably be some conditions that dictate how the price matching can be allowed and to what extent, such as:

  1. some stores will only price match stores with a physical shopfront,
  2. the item must be in stock at the competing outlet,
  3. if a store is online only then the price match may factor in the cost of delivery for the desired item,
  4. package deals may not be subject to price matching.

The bottom line is if you don’t ask then you definitely won’t receive and the worst outcome is that your store of choice will not price match. Perhaps not a big deal particularly if the store with the better price offers a far better deal even with postage added on top.


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