Feb 28 2013

Disabling Subtitles in Raspbmc

When playing back certain files (such as MKVs) under Raspbmc you may notice that subtitles may appear on screen. Whilst having subtitles enabled by default may be thoughtful on the part of the developers for those with hearing difficulties (or perhaps those who watch a lot of movies in foreign languages) some of us may like to turn off subtitles.

Ironically, you don’t turn this off under the Subtitles menu (the icon looks like a screen line a line at the bottom) on the main playback interface (brought up by hitting OK on your remote control during a video or moving the mouse) but you do it under the Audio menu (represented by a speaker icon). Under this menu you can scroll down and change the toggle for subtitles as well as choosing the option of making it the universal default.

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