Oct 06 2012

Tomato Firmware with IPv6

I am looking at getting our home network up to speed with IPv6 capability and one of the obstacles to overcome is the limitations imposed by our current router. It’s a Linksys WRT54GL which has been quite reliable over the years particularly when it has been running the fantastic Tomato firmware. Unfortunately, the vanilla Tomato firmware doesn’t support IPv6 as of version 1.28 which was released quite some time ago now.

Essentially, this leaves me to look at derivative Tomato firmware with IPv6 added in.

After some research I have settled upon TomatoUSB as the firmware solution to bridge the gap. I should be able to install it over the top of the existing Tomato firmware but we will see how that goes – documentation doesn’t seem to address upgrading from vanilla Tomato firmware to other type of Tomato firmware.

Stay tuned!

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