Feb 06 2012

Automatic Updates Coming in Internet Explorer

Here’s something to keep in mind when using Internet Explorer on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

For a while now, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have possessed auto-update capabilities (Firefox being more explicit about it while Chrome silently updates itself in the background and applies the changes when it is restarted with nary a peep). Well, as of Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft will be adding functionality similar to the Chrome implementation whereby updates to Internet Explorer will be silent and seamless for those who have opted in for automatic updates through Windows Update.

For us in Australia, we’ve already been subjected to this approach to updates since January effectively making us guinea pigs. That said, I’ve yet to hear any major complaints that have stemmed from automatic updates for those opted in.

These days, it’s becoming less and less favourable for systems to suffer from “update fatigue” allowing them to become progressively more vulnerable to attack. Automatic updates are a great way to handle this particularly for systems where updates are chronically ignored.

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