Incoming Gadget – Current Cost EnviR Power Monitor

Just a heads up that there is a new gadget on its way to help keep tabs on the electricity usage in the home. It will require professional installation by an electrician so that might slow down how quickly I can get it up and running. I’ve also purchased an additional cable to connect the unit to a computer to upload the live statistics to a service like Google PowerMeter (which unfortunately is being shutdown in the coming months) or the Current Cost website.

My motivation for getting this was a shocker of a bill last quarter so I thought it would be prudent to get on the front foot and nip high electrical usage in the bud as it happens whilst working out which devices in the house consume the most energy.

I’ll let you know when it arrives so I can continue the custom of unboxing new gadgets and then arrange the installation of the current measurement clamp to prior to getting a preview of the device in action.

Also, a huge thank you to SmartNow who helped me out with my botched order (I forgot to order a USB cable to connect the monitor to my server). Even after typical business hours they had set me up with a one off voucher to offset the postage of the subsequent order and managed to bundle it in with the original order for postage the following morning – great customer service!

Stay tuned!


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    • tony on November 29, 2011 at 17:25
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    i bought one but this does not work on a 3 phase cable

    1. You need to buy extra clamps for it to work on three phase power, I believe!

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