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Apr 16 2013

TPG IPTV Playlist and Setup Guide

This is mainly to refresh my own memory but thought others might benefit from it. If you are on TPG ADSL2+ and you want it use their IPTV service then you might like to use the channel playlist for VLC player which you can find on this page. You can also find a setup guide …

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May 12 2011

The Highlights of the Panasonic 2011 Launch Event

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to read yesterday’s blog on my adventure to the Panasonic 2011 launch event and I covered a bit of what happened during the evening. Today, I’m going to flesh out some of the highlights and what Panasonic will be rolling out to the masses this year. One major initiative from …

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Mar 28 2011

Diagnose Dataflow Issues: The Ping Test

Running a Ping Test

Some time yesterday evening, the ADSL connection at home started playing up. Usually, our connection is quite solid save for a few hiccups back in the TPG network so my first thought was that this was just another one of those hiccups. However, this was not the case in this instance. Anyway, there are some …

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Aug 22 2010

1TB Internet Plans Make Their Debut

You could be forgiven for missing this due to the coverage of the Australian federal election but iiNet, iPrimus and TPG have begun to offer internet plans offering at least 1TB (yes, that’s 1000GB). The plans are fairly similar but the breakdown is as follows: iiNet: 1TB quota (upload inclusive), 500GB peak usage, 500GB off-peak usage, 24 …

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Jun 04 2010

Would You Pay for News Content?

The Murdochs and the Jobs of the world have you believe that people would be inclined to pay for news content. Murdoch has the most to lose as his empire is heavily reliant on traditional print media whilst Jobs has the most to gain in the digital arena. What it comes down to is whether or not …

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May 01 2010

TPG Unlimited 24×7 – One Month On

A month ago, I wrote a blog entry regarding TPG’s introduction of their new ADSL2+ Unlimited 24×7 plan at selected exchanges. TPG is still rolling out the availability of this plan at exchanges as it requires the provisioning for suitable backhaul (presumably using the recently acquired PIPE as the, umm, pipe). So how did the …

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Apr 14 2010

IPTV – The Future of Multicast Content Delivery

At home in our living room, we have our LCD TV hooked up to the Foxtel IQ2 (which is a fantastic device by the way) but there are times when we both want to watch something at the same time and time shifting is simply not an option. One such case tonight was when I …

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Apr 01 2010

TPG Opens the Bandwidth Floodgates

After midday today (perhaps to avoid the raft of April Fools Day jokes making the rounds), TPG brought their unlimited plan to the market. Granted, it has been initially limited to Sydney exchanges (with some people notably upset on Whirlpool about this restriction) but I guess TPG might be taking things easy before going the …

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Mar 19 2010

More Unlimited Internet?

Recently, TPG announced on Whirlpool in this thread that they would be offering an unlimited ADSL2+ broadband product for $75 a month with no shaping, time limits or time restrictions. This was followed by the finalisation of the acquisition of Pipe Networks by TPG for AU$373 million. It wasn’t too long ago that AAPT launched …

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Feb 15 2010

Is “Unlimited” a Dirty Word?

In news today, AAPT has launched an unlimited ADSL2+ broadband plan according to Australian IT. In the past, ISPs have been caught short for using the term “unlimited” with the ACCC with fine print about usage caps, speed throttling, peak and off peak quotas, etc. Otherwise, those who have been brave enough to offer truly …

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