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Jul 23 2012

Your Content and Social Media at the Right Place and the Right Time

Here’s something just from my own observations in posting this blog and blasting it out to Facebook and Twitter. It’s all well and good to create content and then share it on the various social networks of the day but it’s not much point if you post it at a time when your target audience …

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Feb 08 2012

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts With mypermissions.org

For the vast majority of us, managing privacy and security across the various social media sites probably isn’t at the forefront of our minds. Over time, more and more apps end up having access to our information or otherwise you might inadvertently allow access to a malicious app. There’s no time like the present to check the …

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Oct 25 2011

How Big is Your Klout?

Klout Score Analysis

There are many social websites these days that it can often be hard to keep track of which ones you partake in and perhaps to what extent you may be influenced by them or how much you influence others. This can be largely subjective unless you have captured every bit of information you have shared …

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Sep 29 2011

Why I Reckon There Will Never Be a Facebook Phone

I have been sitting on this one for a while to allow appropriate time for stewing but I think it’s about time for it to come out out of the oven. I don’t think we’ll ever see a Facebook phone. There has been recurring speculation in the media about a Facebook phone and while Mark …

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May 10 2011

2011 Panasonic Home Entertainment Product Launch, Ahoy!

If you’ve been following the blog you might be aware that I have been invited to Panasonic’s new home entertainment product lunch which is taking place tomorrow night (Wednesday May 11th, 2011) . This is a bit special for me (and a handful of other people invited by Panasonic) as normally these events are exclusive …

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Apr 15 2011

NAB Caught Napping Once Again

NAB Website @ 1530 Hours

One way or another, many of us have been affected by the National Australia Bank (NAB) again suffering problems with updating the accounts of its many customers. This comes nearly six months after a similar incident that affected people right around the country. The Twitter account for NAB copped a pasting today whilst all the …

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Apr 10 2011

Reppler: A Service to Monitor Your Facebook Activity

Just a quick note tonight A new service called Reppler was brought to my attention earlier in the week and so I am checking this out. This service advises that it can be used to provide an inward looking impression of your activities as well as what potentially inappropriate content you might be publishing to …

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Mar 18 2011

Webroot Social Media Sobriety Test

Some of us may have regrets of posting a message on one or more social media websites after having had a big night on the grog. Whilst I don’t drink (and as a result don’t have this particular issue) I can possibly see some merit in a sobriety test for social media sites for those …

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Dec 08 2010

Improved Social Media Outlets for the Blog!

Things have been progressing rather well for the blog and is certainly keeping me busy in my spare time with an increase in gadgets gracing the household recently. I thought I’d share with you some of the improvements that have been made over the last week. Firstly, you will notice a new social media widget …

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Nov 23 2010

300th Blog – Some Facts and Figures!

Believe it or not, another milestone has come to pass in the form of the 300th consecutive daily blog. At times it has been a bit of a challenge to blog regularly with a trip to Asia and Europe in amongst my university studies via correspondence but I guess discipline is always a good thing! …

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