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Oct 10 2012

How to Search in Windows 8 Metro Apps

Here’s a quick tip for those using Windows 8 or looking to get into it soon. If you’re in a Windows 8 “Metro app” (yes, it’s a deprecated name but the one that people seem to recognise the most) you might find yourself wondering how on earth you perform a search inside the app. Right …

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Mar 12 2012

Search for Specific Document Types in Mac OS X

A quick tip for Mac OS X Lion users tonight. Previously, I have covered the way to search for specific document types using Windows Search which ended up being rather unintuitive and complex for a regular user (and to be honest, I forgot about the command as well). The good news is that under Mac OS …

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Jan 21 2012

Search the Contents of Files Under Windows 7

Not too long ago I wrote about how to use the search capability in Windows 7 to find files with certain text in the filename. Today, I’m going to show you how to restrict your searches to just the contents of the file exclusive of matching filenames. Again, it’s not difficult to execute and all …

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Jan 12 2012

Refining File Searching Under Windows 7

The Humble Search Box

As more of us start using Windows 7 you’ll need to get to grips with the various features built into it. One of the prominent features carried forward from Windows Vista is search. Now, you’d think that you could find stuff by clicking in the box and typing the words of the file you are …

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Nov 02 2011

Opt Out of Google Interest-based Advertising

Downloading the Cookie Opt-Out Plugin

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. If you don’t fancy Google using its tracking cookies to work out what ads to show you (either for AdSense or DoubleClick based ads) in online searches and Google apps you can easily opt out of it with the click of a mouse button. All you need to do …

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Oct 31 2011

Why Voice is a Peril for Google

Since the iPhone 4S came out Siri, the enhanced voice control functionality found only on the iPhone 4S (for the time being), has become a a focal point for the state of the art of speech recognition. With smartphones packing quite a punch in terms of CPU power and access to the cloud becoming ubiquitous …

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Sep 10 2011

Extra Spotlight Search Capabilities in Mac OS X Lion

Here’s a quick tip for the Mac OS X users out there who have migrated to 10.7 (Lion). Spotlight has been a while for a while courtesy of the little magnifying glass icon up the top right-hand corner of the screen. Traditionally, you’ve been able to search for applications, documents, folders, messages and other local …

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Sep 04 2011

Restore a Missing Local Scout Tile in Windows Phone 7

A new feature in Windows Phone 7 Mango is “Local Scout” which is a location based service powered by Bing. Think of it of something like a mashup of Urban Spoon and Google Maps allowing you to find local eateries, shops and landmarks. Depending how your phone is configured when Mango is installed you may …

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Dec 30 2010

Learn How to Narrow Your Google Searches

Back when I used to be on the phones for an ISP technical support helpdesk it was essential to research those more obscure problems. These days, most people know how to get to Google and type in a few search terms but, more importantly, being able to cultivate those results quickly and accurately is an …

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Sep 09 2010

Google Unveils Instant Live Search

We all know that Google has been interested in developing new products and capabilities and, by the same token, willing to cull products when they haven’t hit the mark. Google Instant is a new feature augmenting  its popular search. Basically, it allows you to see your search results as your are typing your keywords and …

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