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Nov 27 2013

The Verdict on Internet Explorer 11

As I wrote about earlier in the month, I thought I would give Internet Explorer 11 a go as my primary browser for the rest of the month. I was keen to see how well it would work given its compliance to most of the recent web standards and improved performance over prior versions and …

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Nov 20 2013

Internet Explorer 11 Eschews Version-Specific Document Modes

It’s been the bane of web developers for many years – Internet Explorer and the unique quirks associated with each version. Sure, you could try and accommodate this by detecting the version of Internet Explorer and writing code for each version but then you have issues of maintaining and updating multiple versions of code for …

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Nov 14 2013

Finding Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11

If you’re using Internet Explorer 11 then some websites may not work properly for whatever reason. In these instances, you may need to add these websites the compatibility view list to have Internet Explorer use an alternative method of rendering the page. However, IE11 no longer shows the compatibility view button at the end of …

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Nov 13 2013

Internet Explorer 11 – Time to Reevaluate

Those of us in the know are all too aware of the history of Internet Explorer including its quirks, lack of standards compliance and the possibility of having your browser hosed but impossible to fix without potentially compromising the operating system. Microsoft had coasted for years on the popularity of Internet Explorer having the majority …

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