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Jun 18 2013

Obtain a Second Screen on the Cheap

From time to time we may need to work from home on a laptop or maybe kick back and watch a movie. However, it can be frustrating dealing with gigantic spreadsheet or enjoying a Full HD movie on such a small screen. Laptops that have screens larger than fifteen inches these days aren’t as common …

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Jun 04 2013

Enjoying Your Own Media in Hotel Residence

Here’s another quick tip for those who might travel a bit. In the lead up to my business trip to Singapore I had fallen behind on my video podcasts and figured I would catch up on them when I was back at the hotel. I planned for this by packing an HDMI cable in my …

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Apr 24 2013

Incoming Gadget – DisplayLink DL-195 USB DVI Adapter

Just a short update. I’ve ordered an unbadged DisplayLink DL-195 USB DVI adapter for use at work. I am still waiting for my new monitor to arrive but I hope to test it with my laptop and existing external screen when the adapter arrives. Also included in the box are DVI to HDMI and DVI …

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Feb 09 2013

Using Your Television Remote with Raspbmc

After not tinkering with my Raspberry Pi for a little while I thought it was time to fire it up again and see what interesting things I could do with it. I thought it was a good idea to wipe it clean and put the latest version of Raspbmc on it. I would have let …

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Jul 15 2012

Ouya – The Open Source Game Console

Okay, I have a confession. I have had an itch to pledge for another project on Kickstarter and I gave in far too easily but I reckon this is quite an exciting development for the gaming industry as a whole, if not, for gamers in general. Ouya will be a game console based upon Android …

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Mar 15 2012

Incoming Gadget – Raspberry Pi

A quick heads up for tonight. I have had my eyes on an interesting credit card sized computer called the Raspberry Pi. It’s an ARM-based computer (similar to the CPUs found in phones and tablets these days) and is designed to run Linux. It’s also low cost as well with Model A costing around AU$30 …

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Feb 16 2012

Workaround Windows Terminating HDMI Audio Playback When Sleeping Monitors

A quick tip for tonight. One disappointing “feature” in Windows 7 is when you are playing back audio to a television over HDMI and the power saving feature kicks in to turn off connected screens it also stops audio from being transmitted over HDMI. This can be annoying when you are relaying sound to a …

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Jan 17 2012

Don’t Be Duped Into Buying Expensive HDMI Cables

I saw a link to this Gizmodo article on Facebook (with a nod to Tony Butcher 😉 and thought this was worth a mention. If you find yourself buying some new AV equipment like a television, a Blu-ray player, a home theatre system or anything that might have an HDMI port on it this will …

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Sep 27 2011

Panasonic DMR-BWT800 Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder Launch

The 2011 Panasonic Blu-ray DVD Recorder Range

Tonight, I attended a launch event with a number of the Insider Crew for the Panasonic DMR-BWT800 Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc Recorder (henceforth called “the recorder”) at Panasonic HQ in Macquarie Park. This was the first time that we had a go at live streaming the event so that Insiders who weren’t lucky enough …

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Mar 03 2011

Why I Won’t be Buying iPad 2

Today, a lot of people asked me whether or not I would be eagerly waiting to purchase an iPad 2 when it is eventually launched in Australia perhaps some time later this month (although last year’s delays for countries apart from the USA did cause some angst amongst customers). I was expecting to be asked …

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