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Dec 07 2013

Recording Gameplay Automatically on nVidia Cards

Lately, I’ve been thinking about recording some of my gameplay to upload to YouTube either for strategy hints or just to share some of the hilarious or insanely lucky stuff that can happen during online multiplayer matches. There are some solutions such as FRAPS that will do it but I have found it a little …

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Oct 29 2012

RivaTuner – Taking Control of Graphic Card Fans

As graphics cards get a bit long in the tooth they may have to work at their peak performance for longer to let you play the latest games at an acceptable level compared to the latest cards which might use less of their overall capacity (which may also run cooler). As such, your old graphics …

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Mar 15 2012

Incoming Gadget – Raspberry Pi

A quick heads up for tonight. I have had my eyes on an interesting credit card sized computer called the Raspberry Pi. It’s an ARM-based computer (similar to the CPUs found in phones and tablets these days) and is designed to run Linux. It’s also low cost as well with Model A costing around AU$30 …

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Feb 02 2012

Change the DirectX Level in Team Fortress 2

Perhaps a niche piece of knowledge but one that will come in handy when troubleshooting graphics issues in Team Fortress 2. If, for whatever reason, you’ve set the game to use a lower version of DirectX to correct a graphical glitch and you want to revert back to a higher DirectX level then this is …

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Jan 28 2012

Stabilisation Tips for Your Gaming Rig

GPU Temp Readout

For about a month now my desktop computer has been working fine after I had dropped in the OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 solid state drive but since then I have experienced some instability when playing games on it (particularly Team Fortress 2 or TF2 for short). The system wouldn’t crash but the screen would go blank …

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Oct 16 2011

Check a Power Supply Unit’s Efficiency

Here’s a tip for people looking to build a new computer or upgrade their existing one. Most things inside the computer will require power measured in “watts”. To put it simply, this measures the rate at which electricity moves through a circuit. One watt (1W) is equal to one joule of energy consumed in one …

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Jul 10 2011

Dell XPS 8300 Unboxing

This was an unexpected gadget but a colleague of mine recently bought a new computer to replace an aging laptop that gave up the ghost earlier in the year. Anyway, he’s handed over his Dell XPS 8300 to me to do some basic tweaking for him. So, of course, I had to unbox it. I …

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May 20 2011

Why You Need Headphones Connected to Listen to FM Radio on Mobile Phones

These days, smartphones have so much packed into them its a wonder that their innards don’t burst open. Some of the more common components crammed into smartphones are: Bluetooth chipset and antenna, Cameras (front and rear), Capacitive touchscreen, Cellular antennae (one for each frequency), CPU, Flash memory, GPS receiver, GPU, SIM card holder, Wi-Fi chipset …

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Feb 04 2011

Why You Shouldn’t Install Third Party Codecs on Windows 7

Another quick update for this evening. What many people may not know but Windows 7 actually supports a wider range of codecs (i.e. COmpression / DECompression software) compared to Windows XP and Vista, specifically: H.264 (popular for Apple devices and web streaming), AAC (a popular audio format also preferred by Apple), DivX, Xvid. As a …

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Nov 16 2010

Help Look After Your Gadgets in the Warmer Months

With Summer fast approaching down under and some hot weather already making its presence well known across the country. Whilst electronics and their components usually have prescribed operating temperatures it is a good idea to set aside some time to perform some general maintenance to prevent premature failure. The devices you should be primarily concerned about …

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