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Nov 27 2012

Microsoft Surface – You’re Locked Out!

I think I may have let my Microsoft Surface run dry of power at some point over the weekend as I used it without a problem on Friday but my Surface refused to switch on Sunday and Monday. I believed that I had charged it up yesterday but it appears that I hadn’t connected the …

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Nov 18 2012

Bitlocker Chewing Up Hard Drive Space

For whatever reason, you may want to enable Bitlocker on the internal drives on one or more computers to prevent others from getting access to your data should they attempt to read those drives on other computers. This isn’t such a bad idea if you use a laptop for business use. However, once you kick …

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Mar 25 2012

BitLocker and iPods – Will They Blend?

Leading on from yesterday’s article about BitLocker and the unfortunate situation that Mac OS X users find themselves in when BitLocker to Go is enforced at work when using USB devices we should also consider one popular USB device, the iPod. It may be a lesser known fact that iPods will use either HFS+ or …

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Mar 24 2012

BitLocker Drive Encryption and Mac OS X

Earlier in the week, a colleague of mine had his work laptop upgraded to Windows 7 from Windows XP. To many of us this would seem to be a welcome change but for some this could actually be a complication. As part of the changeover, “BitLocker to Go” drive encryption is enforced on USB drives as …

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