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Dec 11 2012

Approaching Instamapper Shut Down

I covered Instamapper a while ago but sadly this service is shutting down on Thursday, 13/12/2012 (just a couple of days time). Users should have received notification via e-mail of the impending shutdown but if you’ve missed that message you should login and download your saved tracks if you have any as well and optionally …

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May 19 2012

Raah Tracker – GPS Tracking for iOS

A while ago I was contacted by Dhruv Chopra to check out a new GPS tracking iOS app that he had in development. Initially, he had built a web app but it has now evolved into a full blown app for iOS devices. Firstly, I’ll cover the web app. This is great as you can …

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May 20 2011

Why You Need Headphones Connected to Listen to FM Radio on Mobile Phones

These days, smartphones have so much packed into them its a wonder that their innards don’t burst open. Some of the more common components crammed into smartphones are: Bluetooth chipset and antenna, Cameras (front and rear), Capacitive touchscreen, Cellular antennae (one for each frequency), CPU, Flash memory, GPS receiver, GPU, SIM card holder, Wi-Fi chipset …

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Jan 12 2011

Fitbit – More Than Just a Pedometer

As you may know, I received the Fitbit not too long ago and I have been faithfully wearing it to track my activity throughout the day and my sleeping patterns every night. Unfortunately, I forgot to click it on to my shorts this afternoon as I went out for my run and unsurprisingly I was …

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Jan 08 2011

Samsung Galaxy S – Unleash the Potential with Darky’s ROM

A while back I decided to try something new when the time came to get a new phone after having owned an iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. During 2010, I had picked up an iPad so changing to a new platform for my new mobile was not throwing away my relatively small investment in iOS …

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Nov 18 2010

First Impressions – Google Navigation Arrives Down Under

Google Navigation (Traffic Conditions)

If you have been watching either the Twitter feed or Facebook page for Boydo’s Tech Talk you would have seen that Google Navigation was officially released yesterday. This is good news for those of you who have had to hack their Android devices with Brut Google Maps to get turn-by-turn navigation as there is now …

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Oct 12 2010

Microsoft Removes the Covers From Windows Phone 7

It’s been plastered all over the news today so it should come as no surprise Microsoft has officially unveiled its new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. A range of devices were also announced at the launch of which some of the best were: Dell Venue Pro (sporting a hardware keyboard and 4.1 AMOLED screen), …

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Sep 30 2010

Facebook Places Hits Australia But Worth the Wait?

If you have a mobile device with a Facebook application installed then you may have noticed that the “Places” functionality has been enabled in Australia. This comes four weeks after the initial roll out in the USA and subsequent releases in Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom. The concept of “checking in” is present and …

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Sep 28 2010

Samsung Galaxy S – Where’s the GPS Fix?

Samsung have had no shortage of heat with regards to its flagship Android phone over the last few months. Issues with the lag attributed to their proprietary file system (RFS) have been an ongoing problem prompting the user community to come up with their own solutions such as the Voodoo Lag Fix which I wrote …

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Aug 23 2010

Get Live GPS Tracking with Instamapper

Instamapper - Device Page

A little while back I wrote about a service called Foursquare that would help you keep track of where you friends are or have been when they check in to various locations. What this service does rely upon is your friends checking in regularly and also sharing that information with you. It is very much …

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