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May 11 2014

Avantree Audition Bluetooth Headphones Review

I’m changing things up a bit for this article which will be an amalgam of what I’ve traditionally done in separate articles. Introduction First up, I want to thank MobileZap for sending me a pair of Avantree Audition Bluetooth Stereo NFC Headphones to review. These Avantree headphones are just one pair of a wider range …

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Feb 24 2013

Turn Off Bluetooth on Microsoft Surface

Another quick tip for Microsoft Surface owners. By default, Bluetooth is enabled on Microsoft Surface devices which can take its toll on battery life so if you’re looking to improve battery life then this is worth turning off. It’s fairly simple to do as follows: Swipe in from the right of screen to get the …

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Oct 30 2012

Unsticking Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on Smartphones and Tablets

Despite how incredible smartphones and tablets can be when they are operating correctly there will come the odd occasion where your device might get its knickers in a twist and fail to connect to a local Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device automatically. This can be frustrating but there is a simple solution to get your …

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Aug 27 2012

Second Generation Toyota Prius – Interrupted Rear View Camera Viewing

Despite owning a second generation Toyota Prius for nearly four years now I’ve not experienced this issue until this week. When you put a Prius into reverse gear the touch screen automatically switches to the rear view camera. This has always worked well for me however when a phone call comes in and your phone …

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Jul 15 2012

Ouya – The Open Source Game Console

Okay, I have a confession. I have had an itch to pledge for another project on Kickstarter and I gave in far too easily but I reckon this is quite an exciting development for the gaming industry as a whole, if not, for gamers in general. Ouya will be a game console based upon Android …

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Jun 09 2012

Bluetooth Interfering with Automobile Keyless Entry

Just a personal observation after swapping between smartphones during the last few weeks. I tend to keep my smartphone in the same pocket as the fob for the Prius when I am approaching the car. Once inside the car I take out my phone and put it in one of the drink holders in the …

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Jan 06 2012

Bluetooth and Swapping Cars

Here’s a tip that you might want to keep in mind next time you’re on a road trip and you rotate drivers between cars. If you happen to have your mobile phone paired to your car you might want to turn off Bluetooth on your phone if you are going to be driving another vehicle …

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Sep 02 2011

Panasonic Live @ IFA

Another quick one for tonight. A lot of electronics vendors are at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) for the next few days to show off their wares and latest advancements in their product lineups. Panasonic had a Q&A this evening with one of their product experts live from the floor of the IFA which worked incredibly …

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Aug 06 2011

Choose the Best Interface for the Job

Here’s another quick tip for tonight. These days, we have all sorts of interfaces in our computers: wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, Firewire, eSATA, Bluetooth just to name a few. However, sometimes the most convenient interface won’t be the quickest. For instance, when I was transferring all the data from the old drives to the new …

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May 20 2011

Why You Need Headphones Connected to Listen to FM Radio on Mobile Phones

These days, smartphones have so much packed into them its a wonder that their innards don’t burst open. Some of the more common components crammed into smartphones are: Bluetooth chipset and antenna, Cameras (front and rear), Capacitive touchscreen, Cellular antennae (one for each frequency), CPU, Flash memory, GPS receiver, GPU, SIM card holder, Wi-Fi chipset …

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