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Apr 28 2013

Twitter for Mac OS X Finally Receives an Update

Another quick update. If you’ve been using Twitter for Mac OS X you may have been wondering where the updates have been for the official client. In particular, the lack of Retina display support may have been discouraging people from using the official client. Anyway, the latest version of the official Twitter client is now …

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Feb 03 2013

Rdio – An Alternative to Spotify in Windows Phone 8

For the Windows Phone 8 faithful there have been some key applications missing that might help tip the scales in its favour. Big names such as Instagram are still noticeably absent despite a pledge late last year that an app would arrive. Spotify is very much in the same boat and its tardiness might be …

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Jun 20 2012

Social Media Beats Online News Outlets Hands Down - Welcome to Twenty Minutes Ago

Last night, Melbourne experienced an earthquake somewhere in the vicinity of 5.3 magnitude at around 2050 hours AEST. It’s a sizeable earthquake but quickly dwarfed by some of the major ones experienced in recent memory such as the the 9.0 magnitude quake that occurred in Japan last year – just under 10,000 times more powerful …

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Jun 17 2012

The Evolution of Television and Print Media Advertising

Just an observation that my wife made today when watching television this evening. I remember growing up as a kid that we would have phone numbers flashing on the screen and even some phone numbers sung as part of the jingle so it stuck in your head (like the ABC Shop was 008 02 33 …

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Feb 14 2012

MetroTwit – Get a Taste of Twitter, Metro Style


Here’s a software pick for those looking for a Twitter client for Windows other than TweetDeck. MetroTwit is a Metro styled Twitter client for Windows. For those that don’t know, Metro is the interface found on Windows Phone 7 and will also be the interface for Windows 8 tablets. The Metro design language basically gives …

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Jan 15 2012

Use TweekDeck Without Local Installation

For a lot of people using Windows the Twitter client of choice is TweetDeck however it can be a problem to get running if you are unable to install Adobe Air on the computer (which is often the case in corporate or enterprise environments). Otherwise, if you are staunchly against installing Adobe Air on your computer …

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Dec 09 2011

Quickly View Your Twitter Mentions Online

Here’s a quick tip for tonight. Twitter has recently add a new function on the web to quickly find mentions of your Twitter handle as well as a history of who has followed you. Simply go to Twitter and under the tweet box you’ll see your username (so mine would be @boydostechtalk). Click on this and …

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Oct 30 2011

The Importance of Verifying a Twitter Username

Here’s a quick one (and I know it’s very early in the day for a blog). Most of us down under and stranded overseas for that matter would know about the immediate grounding of the Qantas domestic and international fleet in response to ongoing industrial action. Understandably, a lot of people have taken to Twitter …

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Oct 28 2011

Twitter Hashtag Etiquette

Maybe we don’t give this much thought but Twitter hashtags are popping up all over the place including television shows (particularly on Channel 7 and Channel 9 in Australia). Sometimes, you may want to include a hashtag of your own when you are tweeting or you want a bunch of people to join in a …

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