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Aug 04 2013

Incoming Gadget – Google Chromecast

Another short and sweet update. I missed out on the initial release but I have placed an order for Google’s new Chromecast product. In a nutshell, it’s a dongle that you plug into your television in a spare USB socket for power as well as an HDMI socket to send video and audio to the …

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Feb 14 2013

How to Increase and Decrease Volume by Quarter Steps in Mac OS X

Up until Mac OS X Lion you could use a handy shortcut to increase and decrease the system volume by quarter steps by doing the following: Option + Shift + Volume Up to increase volume by a quarter step, Option + Shift + Volume Down to decrease volume by a quarter step. But what if you are …

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Jan 31 2013

Watch Out for Cheap Lightning Cables

A few weeks ago I got my wife a few cheap lightning cables off eBay but there have been a couple of quirks with them. First up, they only seem to charge the iPad mini when connected one particular way. Connecting it lightning plug the opposite way results in no change flowing into the device. Perhaps …

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Jun 23 2012

Mac OS X, Safari and New Tabs

Just a short note for today. One annoying that I have found with my MacBook Pro is that when I am using Safari and open a new tab the cursor is not in the address bar ready to accept a web address. This is quite annoying given that I have just hit “Command + T” to …

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Apr 26 2012

Check Your Java For Explotability

A quick tip tonight for people with Java installed on their computers. Generally, there are three principles regarding the safe usage of computer software: If you weren’t looking for it then don’t install it on your device, If you do need the software then always keep it up to date, If you no longer need …

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Apr 12 2012

Disable Java in Mac OS X

Here’s a tip for Mac OS X users out there that want to tighten up the security on their computers given recent exploits targeting Java and the slow release of updates from Apple. The simplest way to turn off Java is by searching for “Java Preferences” in the Spotlight search and opening it. Once opened, …

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Apr 08 2012

Safari Shortcuts at Your Fingertips Under Mac OS X Lion

Here’s a quick tip for those Mac OS X Lion users out there that prefer Safari as their web browser. There are some really great touchpad gestures to speed you your web browser and keep you from mucking around with the mouse cursor or the keyboard. If you want to go back to the previous …

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Mar 25 2012

BitLocker and iPods – Will They Blend?

Leading on from yesterday’s article about BitLocker and the unfortunate situation that Mac OS X users find themselves in when BitLocker to Go is enforced at work when using USB devices we should also consider one popular USB device, the iPod. It may be a lesser known fact that iPods will use either HFS+ or …

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Feb 04 2012

CCleaner for Mac OS X

Here’s a quick software pick for the Mac users out there. CCleaner, which I have covered in a prior post, has now been made available for Mac OS X. Windows users have been able to use this utility for quite some time to remove a lot of the built up cruft from their computers and …

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Feb 03 2012

Use Caffeine to Stop Your Mac From Sleeping

No, I’m not recommending that you try pouring coffee into your favourite Mac but if you hate having to go into the Energy Saver preferences to frequently change the settings then this might be for you. There’s an app called “Caffeine” in the Mac App Store that allows you to toggle whether or not your …

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