Internet Explorer 11 Eschews Version-Specific Document Modes

It’s been the bane of web developers for many years – Internet Explorer and the unique quirks associated with each version. Sure, you could try and accommodate this by detecting the version of Internet Explorer and writing code for each version but then you have issues of maintaining and updating multiple versions of code for a single change.

It’s certainly an unnecessary overhead compared to coding for other browsers which have been standards compliance for quite a while.

Well, it seems that this is about to change with the advent of Internet Explorer 11 and something called “Edge Mode”. This is a new mode starting from Internet Explorer 11 onwards that will recognise the most recent web standards such as HTML5.

You can find some more information at the modern.IE website here if you’re a web developer to find out more about scanning your website for compatibility, common issues you may encounter and links to download IE11 virtual machines.

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