Jan 07 2013

Opt Out of Personalised Ads From Criteo

Here’s a quick tip.

It appears that Criteo provides personalised ads in Facebook which can end up pestering you about specific items you may have been browsing on the web. Personally, I had been looking at 32GB G.Skill DD3 2400MHz on NewEgg and an ad appeared for the same product in Facebook.

Fortunately, you can opt out specifically of Criteo by visiting http://www.criteo.com/us/privacy-policy and turning the opt-out on at the bottom left of the screen.

That should at least stop personalised ads from Criteo from coming through.

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  1. R

    My experience has been that Criteo does not honor user’s opt-out requests. I have been continuously bombarded by targeted ads on Facebook despite opting out on the NAI site. I have contacted both of my Senators requesting that they investigate the trampling of citizens privacy rights. The solution is simple — legislate that Opt-Out be the DEFAULT specification. Users who really see value in being tracked could then be given the option to Opt-In.

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