LogMeIn Hangs or Refuses to Refresh Screen

On odd occasion, I need to connect to one of my home computers to get a file, kick off a download or one of those random things that need doing. I have used LogMeIn for a while for this very purpose across my Windows PCs, MacBook Pro and also my iPad to make sure I can get to other computers when and where required.

However, you might run into issues where LogMeIn appears to hang or the window of the remote computer just stops updating for apparently no reason. If you experience this from time to time then this tip might assist.

It seems that saturating bandwidth can cause problems with a LogMeIn session and despite the best efforts of the LogMeIn software it loses sync between the client and remote computers leaving you with the impression that your remote desktop session has hung. I see this most often on my desktop computer which has a native resolution of 2560 x 1600 and trying to get a fluid and usable experience out of that over an ADSL2+ broadband connection with a 1Mbps upload can be painful.

My recommendation is to peg back either the resolution and/or colour depth settings to reduce the bandwidth requirements. Decreasing the colour depth is perhaps the best option at first as it won’t screw up the layout of the remote desktop as you find it in terms of existing windows and icon arrangement. Start at black and white and then crank it up gradually until you find a colour depth that allows a usable screen refresh rate to occur while also providing enough visual quality to let you see what you are doing.

This should be less of an issue once larger amounts of upstream bandwidth become more widespread but until then we’ll have to make do.

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