May 22 2012

How to Delete Nintendo 3DS Demos and Trailers

Here’s a quick tip for today..

A growing number of people own smartphones these days and generally understand how to uninstall an app by holding your finger down on the app icon and tapping the delete button or dragging it to the delete option. Therefore, you could be forgiven for confusion around how to delete game demos and trailers from your Nintendo 3DS as holding down your finger or stylus on an app simply picks it up in preparation of being moved elsewhere on the screen.

So how do you delete game demos and trailers?

You need to go through a few menus to do it, specifically:

  1. Tap on “System Settings”,
  2. Tap on “Data Management”,
  3. Tap on “Nintendo 3DS”,
  4. Tap on “Software”,
  5. Tap on the software you want to delete,
  6. Tap “Delete” and then “Delete” again,
  7. Repeat steps five and six as required,
  8. Tap “Back”, “Back”, “Back” and then “Close” to get back to the Home Screen.

Not the most intuitive method of app management but lets see what Nintendo does about it in future updates.

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