Apr 26 2012

Check Your Java For Explotability

A quick tip tonight for people with Java installed on their computers.

Generally, there are three principles regarding the safe usage of computer software:

  1. If you weren’t looking for it then don’t install it on your device,
  2. If you do need the software then always keep it up to date,
  3. If you no longer need specific software then uninstall it.

With that in mind, sometimes you need a little assistance to work out whether or not you’ve got the latest patches installed for your software. Java does include such capability but it will only check once a month by default which can be a long time when there are exploits in the wild.

Anyway, if you visit Is Java Exploitable from any modern browser it will tell you if your installed version of Java is exploitable and, if so, it will give you a link to download an updated version. Unfortunately, the link is useless for those using Apple computers as Apple dispenses Java updates and often takes its merry time in doing so (at the moment it is two points releases behind).

So, if you are not on the latest version then either make sure you upgrade immediately or uninstall it!

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