Feb 21 2012

Pinterest – Social Image Sharing

Here’s a quick one for tonight.

In amongst the melting pot of social media sites is a new social image sharing site called Pinterest. As the name may imply, this service allows you to pin images and videos of interest to one of your virtual pinboards. Probably the easiest way to pin stuff to your Pinterest account is to use the Pinterest bookmarklet which will find all the pictures and videos on a page and let you choose which one you want to pin to a board along with a short blurb. Some sites also offer a “Pin It” button so you can do it right from the page itself.

However, you should also be aware that websites no also have the power to prevent their content from being pinned to Pinterest. Now there could be good reasons to prevent pinning but in most cases I would see benefit in allowing people to pin content as it would drive additional traffic to your site as Pinterest does provide that link back capability.

For the time being, if you’re interested in seeing what Pinterest is like you can check out my page here and, if you like the look of it, sign up for an invite to join Pinterest here. Or, if you ask nicely, I could perhaps give you an invite as well.

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