Jan 23 2012

Get Your Bitcasa Invite Here!

Here’s something that might interest those cloud storage enthusiasts out there or people wanting to check things out before migrating their data.

If you want to try out Bitcasa which touts as being able to provide “infinite storage on your desktop” then here’s you chance to get an account. Just click here to signup and check it out. Bitcasa promises to be a good cloud storage solution across your Windows, Mac and Linux machines as well as from the web when you are away from your computers. The claim of infinite storage is made possibly through the aggressive use of data deduplication up in the Bitcasa cloud.

It’s similar to dropbox but with security and encryption baked right in and it doesn’t sync files to your computer (it only caches them once you have downloaded them for the first time).

Anyway, check it out – it’s free for the time being but is expected to cost $10 a month for unlimited storage in the future.

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