Monthly Archive: October 2011

Oct 31 2011

Why Voice is a Peril for Google

Since the iPhone 4S came out Siri, the enhanced voice control functionality found only on the iPhone 4S (for the time being), has become a a focal point for the state of the art of speech recognition. With smartphones packing quite a punch in terms of CPU power and access to the cloud becoming ubiquitous …

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Oct 30 2011

The Importance of Verifying a Twitter Username

Here’s a quick one (and I know it’s very early in the day for a blog). Most of us down under and stranded overseas for that matter would know about the immediate grounding of the Qantas domestic and international fleet in response to ongoing industrial action. Understandably, a lot of people have taken to Twitter …

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Oct 29 2011

Zune Music Pass Finally Coming to Australia

I don’t know how I missed this but I am really excited that Microsoft is releasing its Zune Music Pass in Australia for $11.99 a month starting on Wednesday 16th November, 2011. At long last, this missing piece of the Windows Phone ecosystem is enabled for us users down under so that we can have …

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Oct 28 2011

Twitter Hashtag Etiquette

Maybe we don’t give this much thought but Twitter hashtags are popping up all over the place including television shows (particularly on Channel 7 and Channel 9 in Australia). Sometimes, you may want to include a hashtag of your own when you are tweeting or you want a bunch of people to join in a …

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Oct 27 2011

Windows Phone 7 Gets Internet Sharing

Just a quick update for tonight. For owners of the Samsung Omnia 7 on Optus (at least) an update has been released today that enabled internet sharing on your Mango upgraded phone. It works as well as other wireless hotspot solutions on mobile phones. Once you have upgraded you will find the setting to enable internet …

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Oct 26 2011

Recover Speed on Slow iOS Devices

Checking iOS Device Space Utilisation in iTunes

It seems that with each iOS update older devices can get a bit slower in having to support new features on existing hardware. Unfortunately, you just can’t crack open your device and add more memory or swap out the CPU for something more powerful. That said, there can be other causes of poor performance on …

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Oct 25 2011

How Big is Your Klout?

Klout Score Analysis

There are many social websites these days that it can often be hard to keep track of which ones you partake in and perhaps to what extent you may be influenced by them or how much you influence others. This can be largely subjective unless you have captured every bit of information you have shared …

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Oct 24 2011

Panasonic Home Appliance Competition!

I did mention about a month ago after attending the Panasonic Home Appliance Launch Event in Sydney that I had an exciting announcement for the blog and here it is – I have some prizes from Panasonic to give away to some lucky readers! So what is up for grabs? The big prize is a Panasonic …

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Oct 23 2011

Reset a Windows Phone Device to Factory Default

Here’s a tip for the Windows Phone users out there. There are two ways to reset your phone to factory default, one through the operating system itself and another with a button combination when you start up the phone. This might be handy if you are going to sell your phone and want to quickly …

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Oct 22 2011

eBook Pick – In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works and Shapes Our Lives

This is my second eBook pick courtesy of my Kindle DX and sheds some light on the internal operations of Google covering things from its genesis in a university right through to significant products such as Google Mail, Android and, of course, search. “In The Plex” was written by Steven Levy who also wrote Hackers, …

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