Sep 01 2011

Discover What Bing Knows About You

Here’s a quick tip for tonight.

If you’ve ever used Bing (Microsoft’s own search engine attempting to compete with Google) you might be interested to learn about what sort of information it has built up about you. At the moment, it might be more for the sake of curiosity but for those Bing converts it’s certainly worth knowing what is being stored.

All you have to do is visit https://choice.live.com and login to the Microsoft Personal Data Dashboard. In the various tabs across the top of the page, you’ll be able to see things like your Bing search history, you interests and your Microsoft Advertising opt in status. It might be a good opportunity to be proactive in disabling the use of your information for the purposes of targeted or social advertising .

It’s a wonder why this is buried away for few people to discover though.

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