Jul 03 2011

Samsung Omnia 7 Unboxing

Well, I have been itching for a little while to get a device that would let me test drive Windows Phone 7 ahead of the highly anticipated Mango release. As I own an Android device (Samsung Galaxy S) and an Apple iPad I have two major players covered but was lacking when it came to Microsoft’s latest offering.

Anyway, today I picked up a Samsung Omnia 7 for a good price in Parramatta. Sure, the device has been out since late last year but I thought it still represented the Windows Phone 7 stable fairly well.

I will look at getting a preview video uploaded soon to show off some of the current features (once I have acquainted myself with them) so if you have questions about features then let me know. In the meantime, enjoy the unboxing video!

FYI – the video will be available in up to 720p (YouTube can take a little while to process the higher resolutions) if you right click on the video and choose “Watch on YouTube” and change the resolution setting.

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