Feb 12 2011

Did You Know About Triple Clicking?

Another quick tip for the night.

It would be fair to say that most people know about the concept of the single click normally used for selecting objects on the screen, dragging objects to other places or clicking hyperlinks. Similarly, people know about double clicking to open applications or documents (although I find it annoying when people keep double clicking links in webpages when it is unnecessary).

But what about triple clicking?

Not many people may be aware of this but triple clicking is a really easy way of selecting a whole paragraph of text on a page or in a document. This can be particularly useful when trying to highlight text is challenging if the text is small or there are many elements in close proximity on a page. Triple clicking a paragraph is one step beyond selecting a single word which requires a double click to select.

You might not use this tip that often but still something worth knowing just in case you need it.

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