Monthly Archive: November 2010

Nov 30 2010

“Switch” for iPad – There Shouldn’t Be An App For That

My wife and I came across this article at SMH which skims over the prospect offered by yet another web browser for the Apple iPad. In a nutshell, Switch offers the ability for multiple users to maintain separate web browser profiles including bookmarks, passwords and history as well as a guest account for irregular users …

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Nov 29 2010

The NAB Saga – Were You Affected?

These days, many people reckon the banks are giving the regular person a raw deal with bank fees and mortgage interest rates all while record profits are being raked in. That aside, people have an expectation to be able to access their money at a time and place convenient to them. The wife and I …

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Nov 28 2010

SlySoft Discontinuing Lifetime Upgrades

It seems that many good things come to an end far sooner than we would expect or would hope. SlySoft, the creator of such software including CloneCD, CloneDVD and AnyDVD will be ceasing sales of software including free lifetime upgrades for software from 1 January 2011. Whilst this is disappointing news, this does mean you …

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Nov 27 2010

Incoming Gadget Alert – Amazon Kindle

Just a brief note to let you all know that my wife has ordered an Amazon Kindle for her Christmas present this year which will mean another round of the unboxing, preview and review videos. Not being such a huge reader of books (or ebooks) myself, my wife may actually end up doing the guest …

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Nov 26 2010

Free Scrabble Derivative for the Masses

Another quick blog for tonight. If you like scrabble but don’t feel like forking out for the paid app on your iOS device there is a similar version called “Words with Friends”. There is one difference compared to Scrabble (presumably to avoid litigation) which is the placement of the bonus tiles on the board (for …

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Nov 25 2010

The Concept of the “Super Log Off”

The other day, I heard a term that I had never come across before while listening to one of the podcasts I download every week which piqued my interest. The concept of the “super log off” is not new but I was interested to learn about the ways in which it is used by individuals. …

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Nov 24 2010

Windows Home Server – Vail is Fail After Abandoning Drive Extender

Windows Home Server Vail Fail

In a hark back to the flop of the Windows Vista “wow is now” campaign Microsoft has seemingly shot itself square in the foot by announcing that the second version of Drive Extender (or DE) technology from Windows Home Server was being dropped. For those of you wanting to know about the original Windows Home …

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Nov 23 2010

300th Blog – Some Facts and Figures!

Believe it or not, another milestone has come to pass in the form of the 300th consecutive daily blog. At times it has been a bit of a challenge to blog regularly with a trip to Asia and Europe in amongst my university studies via correspondence but I guess discipline is always a good thing! …

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Nov 22 2010

OnLive – Cloud Gaming for the Masses

As services in the cloud continue to proliferate it was only a matter of time before ground was broken with respect to gaming. OnLive has released its MicroConsole TV Adapter (a little box around the size of a thick smartphone) which provides wireless connectivity for up to four controllers as well as Bluetooth headsets, two …

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Nov 21 2010

Create Shortcuts for Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox - Bookmark Properties

Here’s a quick tip for the Firefox users out there. Bookmarks are great to keep a file on all of those useful and informative websites that you come across on your browsing travels. However, there are probably some sites that you use more than others that see you having to execute multiple clicks before you …

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